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Opinion Pieces in Newspapers
  1. The bureaucracy as prosecutor and judge’, The Hindu, August 7, 2023

  2. Don’t dilute the Drugs & Cosmetics Act’, Economic Times, March 29, 2023; (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  3. Children are dying. We need a worldwide medicines treaty to avoid further tragedies’, Guardian, March 23, 2023 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  4. Jail for doing bad business: Why GoI should reconsider provisions of Jan Vishwas Bill that decriminalises criminals’, Economic Times, January 5, 2023 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  5. Cough syrups deaths: India’s drug regulator must stop treating public health crises as public relations problems’, Indian Express, December 30, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  6. India must act on drug adulteration – lives around the world are at stake’, Guardian, October 17, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  7. Deaths in Gambia must be a wake-up call for India’, Mint, October 14, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  8. Strengthen the drug regulation framework’, Hindustan Times, October 10, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  9. India needs a national drug recall law without further delay. Here’s why’, Economic Times, October 7, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  10. The New Drugs Bill: A missed opportunity for reforms in Ayush’, Business Standard, August 22, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  11. Drugs, Medical Devices & Cosmetics Bill: Why the Bill is bad medicine’, Economic Times, August 19, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  12. 'Drugs, medical devices & cosmetics bill 2022: A law whose date has expired’, Economic Times, July 24, 2022; (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur)

  13. 'A new legislation that mirrors the old’, The Hindu, July 20, 2022 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  14. Crime and copyright infringement’, The Hindu, June 8, 2022 (co-authored with Yogesh Pai);

  15. ‘The troubling ‘courtroom policy making by the Supreme Court’, Indian Express, December 23, 2021 (co-authored with Chitrakshi Jain);

  16. ‘What we need to fix our judicial system’, Indian Express, November 6, 2021 (co-authored with Chitrakshi Jain);

  17. ‘Making ED and CBI accountable to elected representatives is a good thing, not a sinister arrangement’, Economic Times¸ November 22, 2021;

  18. ‘NJIC is not the first instance of the Supreme Court proposing greater centralisation’, Economic Times, October 31, 2021 (co-authored with Chitrakshi Jain);

  19. ‘The enactment of Tribunals Reforms, 2021 marks the beginning of a new era of judicial reforms in India’, Economic Times, August 10, 2021;

  20. ‘Why an intellectual property waiver for vaccines is not so ‘IP’IP hooray at all’, Economic Times, May 6, 2021 (co-authored with Yogesh Pai);

  21. ‘The proliferation of tribunals is in need of a legislative reversal’, Mint, February 16, 2021;

  22. ‘Is a person’s address public information?’, The Hindu, December 1, 2020 (co-authored with Shailesh Gandhi);

  23. ‘Making the language of the law comprehensible’, The Hindu, September 23, 2020; 

  24. ‘India’s Ayush industry needs an entirely new regulatory model’, The Mint, July 8, 2020 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  25. ‘Protect Indian media from predatory tech platforms’, Hindustan Times, April 29, 2020;

  26. ‘Ruling against judicial transparency’, The Hindu, March 12, 2020;

  27. ‘Whose count of judges is it anyway?’, Economic Times, July 21, 2019 (co-authored with Tarika Jain); 

  28. ‘It’s time to tame the social media beast’, Economic Times, February 13, 2019;

  29. ‘India must stop providing immunities to social media giants it doesn’t provide its own traditional media’, Economic Times, January 11, 2019;

  30. ‘An indecent settlement’, Hindu, June 26, 2019;

  31. ‘Privacy in the age of sunshine laws’, Hindu, April 6, 2019 (co-authored with Vaidehi Misra); 

  32. ‘The correct prescription’, Hindu, February 26, 2019;

  33. ‘A solution in search of a problem’, Hindu, December 25, 2018 (co-authored with Diksha Sanyal);

  34. ‘Questioning a crackdown’, The Hindu, August 16, 2018;

  35. ‘Banning combination drugs: A high-stakes case in point’, Indian Express, November 21, 2017 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  36. ‘Stability testing: DCGI, health ministry must act together to ensure stable drugs’, Indian Express, September 12, 2017 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur); 

  37. ‘Draft Pharmaceutical Policy 2017: Recognising drug quality concerns in India signals paradigm shift’, Indian Express, August, 29, 2017 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  38. ‘Generic medicines in a digital age’, Hindu, April 29, 2017 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur); 

  39. ‘Walking the fine line between IP and public health’, Hindu Business Line, January 20, 2017 (co-authored with Sumathi Chandrashekaran);

  40. ‘Pharma industry’s playbook on low-quality drugs’, Indian Express, December 20, 2016 (co-authored with Dinesh Thakur);

  41.  ‘Safety Imperative’, Indian Express, January 9, 2014;

  42. ‘Freeing the other judiciary’, Indian Express, September 27, 2013;

  43. ‘Why consumers not companies should be kings of the internet’, Economic Times, July 27, 2013;

  44.  ‘The problem with punitive damages’, Business Standard, April 20, 2013. 

  45. ‘Interim justice: A troubling trend’, Business Standard, March 30, 2013;

  46. ‘The Regulatory Mess in Indian Science’, Business Standard, January 13, 2013; 

  47. ‘Tribunals stuffed with bureaucrats’, Business Standard, December 8, 2012; 

  48. ‘The publishing wars’, Business Standard, September 9, 2012;

  49. ‘RTI law is for lawyers’, Business Standard, October 7, 2012; 

  50. ‘Should the Government ban file-sharing websites?’, Business Standard, May 30, 2012;

  51.  ‘Build patents regime on fortified law’, Economic Times, October 7, 2010 (co-authored with Prof. Shamnad Basheer).

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