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TRIPS plus and Development in India

Ed. Prof. Daniel Gervais, Intellectual Property, Trade and Development (OUP: 2nd Ed.; 2014)

Protecting Traditional Knowledge Related to Biological Resources: Is Scientific Research Going to Become More Bureaucratized?

Ed. Salim Mamajiwalla & Rochelle Seide, Intellectual Property in Molecular Medicine. (2015) (co-authored with Dr. Malathi Lakshmikumaran)

Will RCEP Redefine Norms Related to Pre-grant Opposition and Experimental Use Exceptions in International Patent Law?

Eds. K.C. Liu & Julien Chaisse, The Future of Asian Trade Deals and IP (Hart: 2019)

De jure standard setting in the telecom industry – its evolution and the developing country case for reform

Eds. K.C. Liu & Reto M. Hilty, SEPs, SSOs and FRAND: Asian and Global Perspectives on Fostering Innovation in Interconnectivity (Routledge: 2020)

Metatags using third party trademarks on the internet – does this qualify as use of a trademark and, if so, is it infringement?

Ed. Tanya Alpin, Research Handbook on IP & Digital Technologies (EE: 2020) (co-authored with David Llewelyn)

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